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Public Requests to Speak at Township Meetings

In 2021, Governor Wolf inacted a law requiring anyone who wishes to speak at a Township meeting, or to have an issue discussed at a Township meeting, must notify the Township in advance so the discussion can be placed on the meeting agenda. The courts have been enforcing this rule and Townships are being urged … Continued

Guidelines and Checklists for Building Permit Reviews

Single Family Dwelling (other Than Manufactured Or Industralized) Residential Additions Manufactured And Industralized Housing Detatched Structures (1000 Sq Ft Or More) Accessory To Detached One Family Dwelling Swimming Pools (in Ground And Above Ground) Spas And Hot Tubs (contains Water Over 24 Inches Deep) Solar Arrays MDIA Commercial Guidelines MDIA Customer Guidelines SIGNS Decks Decks … Continued

Alzheimer Support

Cherry Township has been provided with information regarding a support organization for Alzheimer patients.   Alzheimer Support is a free service that assists families who have loved ones with Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia.  A free search tool and database is available, listing Alzheimer’s care facilities best equipped to provide care for patients.   The website for this … Continued

Township Agenda Protocol

  Governor Wolf passed Act 65 of 2021, regulating the posting of Township Meeting Agendas.  A copy of the breakdown of Act 65 is included here. Residents and entities who wish to discuss a topic at an upcoming Township meeting must notify the Secretary no later than three days prior to the meeting.   That discussion … Continued

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