Building Permits

Process to Obtain a Building Permit

  • Contact the Township Secretary to determine if your property is in a flood plain before making any specific plans to build.
  • Any construction that is under 1000 square feet does not require UCC inspections, unless you will have any space that will be, in any way, inhabited.  If you plan to put electricity in your building, such as in a garage or shed, it will need to be inspected for electrical, by someone authorized by the Electric Company in your area.
  • Also exempt from UCC inspections are agricultural buildings and recreational only camps.  Legal affidavits must be signed (before a notary) indicating that a camp will not be occupied year round.  A bill is also before the State Congress that proof will be required that an agricultural building is on an actual property designated as agricultural property to be exempted.  Updates on this proposed legislation will be posted when available.  Also, again, if you have any space that can be used as an office or bunk house, or any type of human habitation, you must have the building inspected for those purposes.
  • You must fill out the “Butler County Building Permit Application” only, for this type of Construction. (LINK BELOW)  Send it, along with a fee of $10.00, to the Secretary. She will return, by mail, a Building permit card, which must be posted at or near the building site, showing that the Township has been notified of this Construction.
  • All other construction requires UCC inspections.  The Secretary needs the Butler County Building Permit Application and the MDIA Permit Application filled out and returned to her. (LINKS BELOW)   Also required is a complete set of drawings for the construction that is being proposed.  If these are too large to scan and send electronically, please make arrangements to deliver them to the Secretary, and in those cases, two sets of drawings are required.  Include as much information about the building; materials to be used, contractor name, phone numbers, and contacts.
  • Also to be printed out for your assistance when preparing the paperwork for MDIA are guidelines and checklists for each type of construction where a permit is required.   The checklists are attached below and if you meet all the items on the checklist, it will save a great deal of time when the reviewer at MDIA receives your packet for review.  Please refer to the list of guidelines and checklist below to choose the one for the construction you are considering.
  • The Secretary will review the paperwork for accuracy and will then forward it to the Middle Department Inspection Agency (MDIA).  The plans and paperwork will be reviewed and MDIA will call with questions.  Once the review is complete, the permit will be issued and the paperwork returned to the Secretary.  You will be notified of the charges owed to MDIA for the inspections.  You must make payment to MDIA before you can receive your building permit.  Make checks payable to MDIA.
  • Please be sure that you have a septic permit, issued by the Township Sewage Enforcement Officer, for any new home construction.  The process for obtaining a Septic Permit is posted on our website.  A building permit will not be issued without an associated septic permit.




Butler County Building Permit Appplication


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