Septic Permits

Process for applying for a septic permit

  • Contact the Township Secretary to determine if the proposed location of septic system is located in the flood plain area. Federal Law prevents a septic system being installed in a flood plain zone.
  • If your location is acceptable, an Application for OnLot Sewage Disposal System Permit must be filled out.   You can obtain this Application from the Township Secretary, for a fee of $800.00.  This fee will cover the cost of your pit test, perc test, septic system design review and approval, issuance of the permit to proceed, and the final inspection.
  • Contact the Township Secretary to obtain an application for sewage testing. 724-637-3867.
  • The sewage enforcement officer will test additional locations if your first choice does not pass the testing; however, there may be additional fees for added testing.
  • The sewage enforcement officer will also let you know, on the day of the tests, if the property passes or does not pass for installation of a system, and what type of system you are approved to install.  He will also review the next steps that you will take to have your septic system installed.
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